Enjoying Future Displays You Can See, Hear and Touch: Samsung OLED Idea Contest

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Only a few years ago, display screens that are rollable or transparent seemed like things available only in sci-fi stories. But before we know it, 3D TVs have already become a common item in our living rooms and we are all eagerly waiting for the next wow factors in digital technologies. And today, we’d like to introduce an event that lets you peek at some of those future technologies – the Samsung OLED Idea Contest.

Every year, one of our affiliates, Samsung Display, runs an idea contest for creative product ideas and ad proposals inspired by OLED, or Organic Light Emitting Diode, technology. As the next generational display after PDP and LCD, the OLED boasts many great features including fast response, high contrast, vivid color, thinness, free viewing angle and low power consumption. In an effort to bring such benefits more tangible in our everyday life, Samsung established the OLED Idea Contest in 2009 in motivating college students to come up with fresh and unique ideas.

Book Write_1
This year, 583 entries were submitted from 1,100 college students located not only in Korea but also in the U.S. and China. And among many innovative ideas, this year’s top award went to the “Book Write,” a scroll-type bookmark with an OLED screen that can be unrolled when a reader wants to take notes or scan impressive lines from a book.
사진2.대상_Book Write
The digital bookmark comes with a pen that allows you to take notes on the thin, flexible OLED screen that is rolled up inside when not in use. The Book Write differentiates itself from other touchscreen devices such as tablet PCs with its lighter, thinner and bendable features and lower energy consumption.
“The OLED technology provides infinite potentials. I’m glad to see my idea turning into reality and also looking forward to the day when it becomes commercialized,” Hana Ahn, the award winner majoring in Industrial Design at Far East University, said at the awards ceremony.
사진3.장려상_카멜레온 안경
From “Chameleon glasses,” whose frames change colors to match the colors of your clothing, and the “Edu-Desk” of the three-dimensional OLED desk surface to the “Sticker display,” which can be posted on the wall or glass, and the “baby bottle” with an OLED temperature indicator, many unique ideas were presented for the contest.
As people become more and more interested in display screens, Samsung will build on our global leadership in display technologies to continue bringing inspiring and innovative products to market. We will also continue providing opportunities for students and others to develop creative ideas. So, do you have any ideas for the future display?



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